Claude Challe Presents - 2003-Near Eastern Lounge

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Claude Challe Presents - 2003-Near Eastern Lounge

Claude Challe Presents - 2003-Near Eastern Lounge
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 2003 | 73 Mb
Genre: Lounge

The R.E.G. Project - 3 Beirut DJs who craft the coolest chillout music with their own interpretation of Arabic classics. The R.E.G. Project is the much-hyped new group consisting of three young men who are determined to make a splash with their unique blend of Eastern melodies and global beats. The initials, R.E.G. represent Ralph (Khoury), Elie (Barbar) and Guy (Manoukian) and they are the fruits of an Ibiza-inspired generation of artists-turned-tech-heads. The Project was initiated months ago when Guy did a show at Circus (a trendy restaurant and club in Beirut) and Ralph - the club's DJ - liked what he heard. They got together with Elie (another famous DJ on the Beirut scene) and produced an up-tempo dance tune "Harem" which local radio stations and clubs immediately picked up on. Bringing an Arabic twist to the Buddha Bar/Cafe del Mar scene, the R.E.G. Project's work draws from deep house and lounge music, but the melodies are pure fusion.

01-Free At Last.Mp3
02-Lost Love.Mp3
05-Sayat Nova.Mp3
06-Casa Del Sol.Mp3
07-Zay Al Hawa.Mp3
08-Batwannis Beek.Mp3
09-Piece Of Heaven.Mp3