Nick Lowe - Pure Pop For Now People [1978]

Posted By: Crossfire
Nick Lowe - Pure Pop For Now People

1. So It Goes
2. I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
3. Tonight
4. Marie Provost
5. Heart of the City
6. Rollers Show
7. They Called It Rock
8. No Reason
9. Little Hitler
10. Nutted by Reality
11. 36 Inches High
12. Music for Money

This disc was released outside the US with the title "Jesus Of Cool", with a different track order, and one additional track "Shake and Pop"; along with different packaging.

I got to see Rockpile live in 1980, from the 7th row in an old vaudeville house that seats only 3000 to start with. I remember paying all of $7 US for the ticket.

I was a Nick Lowe fan from the first time I heard him do "What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding?" He has satire in his aproach to pop music and manages to keep the sugar of pop mixed with a liitle dose of dry humor to temper it. He plays with words like a great chef deals with spice. He adds enough to make it taste good but not too much to overpower it and let the taste come thru. Anyone who can spoof Castro and Hitler on the the same disc has the world view for breakfast. This disc is a trip thru the world of pop by a purveayor of purloined prose. Well worth your time

I'd also recommend Dave Edmunds aptly titled "Repeat When Necessary", and anything you can get from Brinsley Schwarz.