Norah Jones - Not Too Late

Posted By: Frodo Torbins
Norah Jones - Not Too Late

Norah Jones - Not Too Late
APE (Monkey's Audio) | Mode: Exrta High / 44.1 Khz / Stereo | January 30, 2007 | Label: Blue Note Resords | 45:24 min | 273 Mb
Genre: Vocal | Styles: Vocal Jazz, Jazz Blues, Contemporary Jazz

Although the music of Norah Jones continues to blend pop, soul, folk, and country with a seasoning of jazz, her third album for Blue Note is the first where she's written (or collaborated on) all the material. Beneath the smooth surface lie darker strains on the album-opening "Wish I Could" (about a boyfriend lost to war), intimations of mortality in "The Sun Doesn't Like You," and the post-election horrors of "My Dear Country." The last seems to channel the inspiration of Brecht/Weill, while the equally bleak "Sinkin' Soon" is set to a jaunty Dixieland rag. Throughout, Jones's vocal intimacy and melodic warmth remain as disarmingly understated as ever. The soulful "Thinking of You," the countryish "Wake Me Up," and the syncopated "Be My Somebody" reflect the captivating style of her previous work. Although too much in the same midtempo mode becomes a dreamy lull, cut by cut, Jones's voice is irresistible.

01. Wish I Could [04:18]
02. Sinkin' Soon [04:38]
03. The Sun Doesn't Like You [02:59]
04. Until The End [03:56]
05. Not My Friend [02:54]
06. Thinking About You [03:20]
07. Broken [03:21]
08. My Dear Country [03:25]
09. Wake Me Up [02:46]
10. Be My Somebody [03:36]
11. Little Room [02:44]
12. Rosie's Lullaby [03:56]
13. Not Too Late [03:31]