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Celebration | MP3 | CD-DA Source | 40 Mb

Израильские хиты всех времён
к празднованию 50-ти летия Независимости.

Track01 -- My Israel Celebrates 1.7M
Track02 -- Halleluya 1.2M
Track03 -- Israel, Israel 1.1M
Track04 -- Oh My Country, My Homeland 1.2M
Track05 -- Land of Milk and Honey 1.1M
Track06 -- Alive 1.4M
Track07 -- Next Year 1.0M
Track08 -- Am Israel Lives 938k
Track09 -- We Brought Peace Upon You 998k
Track10 -- My Eretz Israel 1005k
Track11 -- Let's All Chant 938k
Track12 -- Let It Be 1.7M
Track13 -- Hora 1.3M
Track14 -- A Chassidic Medley 1.4M
Track15 -- A Happy Song 1.2M
Track16 -- Master of the Universe 1.2M
Track17 -- My God, My God 1.2M
Track18 -- Jerusalem of Gold 1.7M
Track19 -- The Celebration is Over 1.7M
Track20 -- Hatikvah 827k