Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - En Concert à Paris (Vol.1-5)

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - En Concert à Paris (Vol.1-5)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - En Concert à Paris, Vol.1-5
Genre: Pakistan/Qawwali | MP3, 192 kbps | Vol.1, 100 MB | Vol.2, 97 MB | Vol.3, 87 MB | Vol. 4, 103 MB | Vol.5, 64 MB

Label: ocora, Recorded in Paris, France in 1985 & 1988

Personnel includes: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (vocals); Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, Attat Fareed (vocals, harmonium); Ghulam Abbas Jaffri, Mujahed Moubarak Ali Khan (vocals); Rehmat Ali (harmonium); Dildar Hussain (tabla)

This five-volume series covering two concerts is, in a word, magnificent. For those who wish to dive headlong, it captures the man's magic better than any other recording on the Western market. At the height of his success in 1987, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan recorded a pair of live albums in Paris by way of Ocora which have come to be some of the best examples of his singing from a very large discography. Nusrat is at the peak of his vocal power here, shouting over the top of the full chorus when necessary, and delicately weaving lines of subtle variations around a note when desired. His warbles, his sustained notes, and his phrasings are all exceptional, making this not just one of the best Nusrat albums available, but arguably one of the best world music/traditional music albums available, period.

There is no single greatest singer of qawwalis, the ancient Sufi songs that have become central to popular religion and popular music in Pakistan. But if there were, his name would be Khan. He inherits a family tradition of qawwali singing going back several centuries, and in live performances like this concert he can be emotionally devastating. (AMG)

1. Hamd
2. Naat
3. Manaqib Ali
4. Manaqib Khawaja Mueenuddin Chishti

1. Munadjaat
2. Mersiye
3. Ghazal
4. Ghazal
5. Ghazal

1. Hamd
2. Nat-i Sharif

1. Nat-i Sharif
2. Tarif
3. Je Ne Sais Ou Je Vais

1. Kafi
2. Kafi
3. Haq Ali Maula

Vol 01
Vol 02
Vol 03
Vol 04.1
Vol 04.2
Vol 05

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