O'2L - Doyle's Drunch (uploading by pup_zemli)

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O'2L - Doyle's Drunch (uploading by pup_zemli)

Artist: O'2L
Album: Doyle's Drunch
Genre: Rock/Pop, Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Release Year: March 1, 2005
Quality / Bitrate: MP3 / 320 kbit/s
WebSite: http://www.o2lmusic.com/doyles.asp

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Jane Mangini is a Florida native, and studied at Berklee in Boston. In addition to touring with Trans Siberian Ochestra for the past few years, Jane has recorded 2 records and played with New England favorite, Rick Berlin. Jane now lives in NYC, and works as a sound designer/composer for Bang Music.

Jane improvises chordal and solo structures on her keyboards and then experiments with various arrangements. "The arranging part is easy," she explains. "I slice up my own work and use various chunks. Then I experiment with lots of samples. Sometimes I’ll play the samples in other octaves to get a different feel. I even create some tunes based on a strange-sounding sample that I then write around." When Al adds his parts, Jane then changes the arrangements again. "I hone in on what I want the tune to sound like. I start quick, then leave a piece alone. When I come back to it, I usually hear something new."

A classically trained musician, Al Pitrelli has made his mark in the rock world performing with heavy metal groups like Megadeth and Savatage. He also worked with Alice Cooper, Asia and Dee Snider’s group Widowmaker. Al says he plays rock for a living but finds the O’2L setting an "outlet to perfect the art form, to use an acoustic guitar or mandolin if a song calls for it." He jokes that you couldn’t ask for two collaborators to come from more opposite worlds. "Jane is a great musician and composer as well as the Mozart of Madison Avenue," he says, then adds with a laugh, "and here she is recording an album with a spawn-of-Satan guitar player."

O'2L - Doyle's Drunch (uploading by pup_zemli)

The sound of their sophomore album,Doyle's Brunch , is as tricky to pigeonhole and just as audibly accomplished at its creators. These thirteen instrumental cuts effortlessly incorporate elements of jazz, blues, rock, and contemporary electronica, yielding results comparable to peers such as Saint Germain , Deep Forest , and Enigma , as well as Hollywood composer/arrangers like Craig Armstrong ( Romeo + Juliet , Massive Attack ) and David Arnold (the James Bond franchise, Bjцrk ).

Both Jane (who also produced Doyle's Brunch ) and Al have a knack for playing intuitively. "Jane sits down at the piano, and plays like a 90-year old black man", opines her husband. For his part, Al credits his 2000 to 2002 service with metal hellions Megadeth for honing his gift for working quickly, and from the gut. "Dave Mustaine has a similar work ethic to my wife," he says. "They're both perfectionists, and they both want it done immediately." You can hear that freshness in the music; despite all its careful craftsmanship, the compositions of O'2L never sound too-slick or overproduced. Like its title suggests, Doyle's Brunch is warm, rich, nourishing and bound to keep fans coming back to enjoy additional helpings of its fine fare.

Mark Wood (Violin), Johnny Lee Middleton (Bass), Al Pitrelli (Banjo), Al Pitrelli (Bass), Al Pitrelli (Guitar), Al Pitrelli (Studio Construction), Mark Wexler (Executive Producer), John O'Reilly (Bongos), John O'Reilly (Sound Effects), John O'Reilly, John O'Reilly (Glass), Mark Weiss (Photography), Abbey Anna (Art Direction), Andi Howard (Executive Producer), Bobby Sullivan (Photography), Rick Berlin (Photography), Winston Philip (Mastering), Danny Miranda (Bass), O'2L (Main Performer), Andrew Pham (Package Design), Jane Mangini (Producer), Jane Mangini (Mixing), Lyle Greenfield (Concept), Diamond Teeth Mary McClain (Vox Organ)

O'2L - Doyle's Drunch (uploading by pup_zemli)

Track List:

01. Learn To Walk
02. Senior Wilhelm
03. Come And Get It
04. Riders On The Storm
05. Cali
06. Mountain City Playhouse
07. Dolan Hill
08. Missing Kate
09. City Chicken
10. Little Edith
11. Lonely Woman
12. Knock Knock
13. Doyle's Brunch

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