Off Kilter - Celtic Armadillo [2005]

Posted By: chiphu

Off Kilter - Celtic Armadillo
2005 | Celtic/Rock | VBR-MP3 | 55.1MB

... Nothin' much to say 'bout this CELTIC-ROCK band. Just you drop by their site and make your experience for their music:

... and I give this CD a listen twice a week!. And, "Amazing Grace" they play is such an amazin' piece!

01. Irish Rover
02. Nothing Changes
03. Ode To A Zeta
04. Here I Stand
05. Alive
06. Goodbye Muirsin Durkin
07. Amazing Grace [Intro]
08. Amazing Grace
09. Like You
10. Glasgow Pipers/Daniel's Jig
11. Follow Me Up To Carlow
12. Dark Island

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