CAMEL - On The Road 1981 (1997)

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CAMEL - On The Road 1981 (1997)

CAMEL - On The Road 1981 | MP3 192Kbps, 44,000hz | Canterbury Scene/Prog Rock | 80.8 MB | 58:47min

by salmacis (Stolen, erm 'borrowed' from progarchivesDOTcom):
A terrific live album- taken from one of my favourite periods in the band's history. I may be biased as I love the 'Nude' album- and it is presented in almost its entirety here. The idea to have two keyboard players was an inspired one also.

The set kicks off with the old favourite 'Never Let Go'- which has been in the set since the band first started out. A great rendition- with some truly brilliant keyboard solos from Jan Schelhaas and Kit Watkins, and then Andy Latimer joins in the fun with some great guitar work. 'Song Within A Song' is amazing here- I love the completely crazy duelling solos from Latimer and Schelhaas, and a nice duel harmony style crescendo which adds something to the original. 'Lunar Sea' gets the best live rendition I've heard of this tune (along with the live version as a bonus on the 'Moonmadness' remastered CD), distinguished again by the horseplay of the duelling synths. Some may find the overuse of the pitch modulator here irritating, but I quite enjoy these wild synthesiser noises. For me it betters the version of this on 'A Live Record' as I didn't like the solos from Mel Collins on sax…The band are firing on all cylinders all the way through this terrific version of a classic tune. However, all of these great tracks pale as I already had these in other live albums, and I got this for the version of 'Nude'… This is the unsung gem in Camel's catalogue for me- always overlooked in favour of their earlier masterworks- but in its own way as great as 'Snow Goose' or 'Moonmadness'. The particular standouts here are 'City Life's amazing guitar/ keyboard duel (on the original it was guitar/ sax), the lovely 'Drafted', with some haunting Latimer solos, the truly outstanding instrumental suite 'Docks'/'Beached' (for me the highlight of the set) which ellicits huge applause when it finishes, 'Changing Places' with a totally live duel flute part with both Latimer and Kit Watkins playing lovely parts, the rollocking 'Captured' and the majestic 'The Last Farewell'. Anyone who loved or even liked 'Nude' will love the great version on show here- it's a shame that 'Pomp and Circumstance', 'Lies' and 'Please Come Home' are not here as this would have meant the whole album was present- but still, a brilliant rendition of a classic album. Highly recommended.
CAMEL - On The Road 1981 (1997)

1. Never Let Go
2. Song Within A Song
3. Lunar Sea
4. City Life
5. Nude
6. Drafted
7. Docks
8. Beached
9. Landscapes
10. Changing Places
11. Reflections
12. Captured
13. The Last Farewell

<b><span style="color:#ffff00">Line-up</span></b>

- Andrew Latimer / lead guitar, flute, vocals
- Colin Bass / bass guitar, vocals
- Andy Ward / drums
- Kit Watkins / keybards, flute
- Jan Schelhaas / keyboards
CAMEL - On The Road 1981 (1997)


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CAMEL - On The Road 1981 (1997)

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