Georges Onslow - String Quintets, Opp. 38 & 67

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Georges Onslow - String Quintets, Opp. 38 & 67

Georges Onslow - String Quintets, Opp. 38 & 67
Classical | ECD-DA Extractor | FLAC, CUE, NO LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 269 Mb | | 2006
Quintett Momento Musicale

"The first thing that is immediately obvious about the MDG recording is its high level and extremely wide range. The string bass immediately takes a palpable presence in your listening room, just left of center. The Op. 38 Quintet is quite unusual in that II was written on the day following Onslow's wounding in a hunting accident. The first cello is very explicit in describing the shot, which lodged in his cheek, and the resultant pain. The later movements deal with his suffering and recovery. It is remarkable music. The Op. 67 is also a dramatic work that was written for the then-new four-string double bass and makes great use of its increased capabilities. The Quintet Momento Musicale is specifically structured with a double bass, which makes Onslow a good subject. They play splendidly. Good notes accompany them." -ARG

String Quintet op. 38 C minor
String Quintet op. 67 C minor

Label: MD&G (Dabringhaus & Grimm)
Catalog No: MDG 6031390

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