Opeth - The Deliverance

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Opeth - The Deliverance (Progressive Metal, MP3 192kbps, ID Tagged, 85MB)

A good review (excerpt from Ama_zon):
Reviewer: Lord Chimp (Monkey World)

Another Opeth album, and again the pillars of progressive metal must inevitably quake in terrified awe. Luckily, most will remain safe since Opeth basically remains a niche within a niche. For the esurient progressive music fan not queasy with a hellish vocal, however, it is obvious that they are one of progressive metal's leading bands.

Opeth's latest album continues to their brutal heavy passages with gorgeous acoustic interludes and a protean expanse of other flavors ranging from Scandinavian folk to jazz to 70s prog. Even though this is their sixth album, Mikael Åkerfeldt's bohemian preoccupation with creating progressive music remains as poignant as ever. While _Deliverance_ does call upon familiar elements from past albums, it likewise adds new assets to the Opethian palette -- especially the final song, "By the Pain I See in Others". After all, Opeth is nothing if not surprising.

Right now, I'm not sure how I would rate this relative to other Opeth works. Certain things are clear, however. For one thing, it the most complex musically. This makes it difficult to take in quickly, but Opeth was never musical fast-food anyway. With only six songs, all ten minutes or longer (not including a short instrumental), it is quite overwhelming to take in at first. The astonishing drumming, heaviness, and seemingly impenetrable song structures necessitate a lot of listening. Lyrically, Åkerfeldt has mined a very personal side which makes this the most emotional of Opeth's albums. The lyrics are gorgeous, haunting, darkly evocative. Ex. "Pacing further down | Familiar children's laughter | Dissonant and out of time | And their eyes are dead | Watching myself in a pool of water | Wearing the mask of a ghost | Smeared all across my skin | Rotten earth and insects." Creepy!

"Wreath" opens with a tempestuous fury unlike any previous Opeth song. An inferno of guitars pours on the attack, a gale of drums besieges the mix, and Åkerfeldt's chthonic growl waste no time getting into things. The towering sonic architecture of Opeth's compositions stands out for all 11 minutes of this fierce track, a menagerie of dark, crushing rhythms.

As this song demonstrates, the band is so surreally powerful due to the sheer density of their heavy assault, especially here, because this is their heaviest album by a fair margin. This disc is a big onslaught of sound. Opeth's thick wall-of-sound arrangements are not just distorted blobs of noise, however -- the instrumental interplay is elaborately constructed, rife with nuance and intricacy. Guitars are often used in a keyboard like way, creating waves of ambience over top a scorched-earth battlefield of guitars and drums and the hellfire vocals of Åkerfeldt.

"By the Pain I See in Others" is one of the most experimental Opeth song to date. Early on, the gelid growls washing over the acoustic guitar is an absolutely spellbinding and somewhat unnerving effect. Later, an eerie section evoking carnival music forms a haunting atmosphere. Awesome riffs are everywhere. And when it goes quiet at the end, keep of the most mysteriously beautiful Opeth moments brings the album to its end.

And in between, you have four other amazing songs: "Deliverance" is sure to be an Opethian classic, with awesome riffs from the outset, stirring ambiance, and beautiful soft sections; "A Fair Judgment", a pseudo-ballad with soaring guitars lines, melting pianos, ghostly bursts of atmosphere, gorgeous vocal harmonies (you can hear Steven Wilson's vocal influence big time); "For Absent Friends", a brief halcyon instrumental with a touch of jazz; and "Master's Apprentices", opening with an evil groove and proceeding through a terrain of rhythmic power and gorgeous soft passages typical of Opeth.

Deliverance demonstrates clearly that Åkerfeldt is turning into a fine singer. While he summons forth his demonic growl from some nether realm, his singing voice must be called from the heavens. He is also a classic aesthete, with an ear for arrangement and chord selections that would humble the best.

Deliverance showcases a band that continues to astonish and grow. Deliverance makes previous albums - while beautiful and amazing -- seem underdeveloped, in a way. In March 2003, Opeth will release the Deliverance's "mellow" follow-up called Damnation. Until then, we can revel in what we have here -- yet another astonishing release from one of the most powerful forces in progressive metal. Opeth is a truly mythic experience, and Deliverance is your salvation from traditional prog metal.

Opeth - The Deliverance
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