Orange Grove - Genuine Origins - 2007

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Orange Grove - Genuine Origins - 2007

Orange Grove - Genuine Origins
Genre: Reggae, Rock | CD | MP3 | VBR | 61.3 Mb
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We're probably not that much different from you in many ways; we like having fun…we like it when people around us are having fun too…sometimes we have our bad days and sometimes we get into trouble….sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we learn from them….some of us believe in this and some of us believe in that….but one of the few things we do have in common is that we all believe in ourselves…and whenever we get together..whether it's to write a song or to practice or to get on stage or whatever ..we always make sure we have a good time!! Maybe that's something we carry around with us being that all 5 of us are originally from the Caribbean (St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and Surinam) Our music is a mix of reggae blended with a little rock, zouk, ska, name it…whatever tastes good with reggae we'll try. Whatever the song calls for! O.G.


1 These Days
2 Excuses & Lies
3 Super Californian
4 Young Girl
5 Tokin On Ya Love
6 So Afraid
7 My Roots
8 When You Cry
9 Hey Federique
10 Hurtin
11 Live Up
12 Move On
13 Cryin