Persefone - Core (2006)

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Persefone - Core (2006)

Persefone - Core (2006)

Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal | VBR~240kbps | 143 Mb

…the original concept of the album is the mythical legend of PERSEFONE (also the name of the band) who to put it short was condemned to live half the year in hell etc.
This theme revolves or gets transposed in three long tracks (with a symphonical approach quite new in a death metal group even if melodic…)… So, I recommended you stop for a while after listening the first three tracks WHICH ARE THE CONCEPT ALBUM THEY WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!…

Band homepage: Persefone
Album: Core
Year: 2006
Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Andorra
Format: mp3 VBR~240kbps
Size: 131 Mb

1. Sanctuary - Light and Grief 23:44
2. Underworld - The Fallen and The Butterfly 23:27
3. Seed - Core and Persephone 22:57
4. Train Of Consequences (bonus Japan) 03:48
Total playing time 01:13:56

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Persefone - Core (2006)