Philadelphia Experiment - Philadelphia Experiment

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Philadelphia Experiment - Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia Experiment - Philadelphia Experiment
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In the '40s, a time-travel experiment allegedly occurred in a Philadelphia naval yard. This fantastic combo of Philly musicians–pianist/keyboardist Uri Caine, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Ahmir Thompson of the rap combo the Roots–takes its name from that fictional event, and combines fusion, mainstream jazz, and R&B styles from the '70s to today. Augmented by guitar-legend Pat Martino and trumpeter John Swana, Thompson lays down some tricky jungle beats on the title track, while the threesome venture into the avant-garde on "(Re)moved" and into Latin on "IIe Ife." The group reincarnates Sun Ra's "Call for All Demons" as a funky instrumental, and they brilliantly revisit Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man," while Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom" is redone as a classical-style McBride/Caine duet. The late saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. was Philly's patron jazz saint, as evidenced by Caine's reverent solo piano rendition of Washington's hit "Mr. Magic" and McBride's funky, overdubbed one-man electric bass version of "Just the Two of Us." This threesome reminds us that the City of Brotherly Love still swings. –Eugene Holley Jr.


1. Philadelphia Experiment
2. Grover
3. Lesson #4
4. Call For All Demons
5. Trouble Man Theme
6. Ain't It The Truth
7. IIe Ife
8. The Miles Hit
9. (Re)Moved
10. Philadelphia Freedom
11. Mister Magic