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Pixies - The Purple Tapes + Monster Magnet - Powertrip

Posted By: amurok

2 uploads for avax

The Purple Tapes - 'THE PIXIES This is the 'lost' Pixies album, known as The Purple Tapes, recorded before the band were signed to 4AD. It features 9 previously unreleased tracks, some never heard and other alternate versions. A must for Pixies fans everywhere!'
1. Broken Face
2. Build High - B-side For The Single Planet Of Sound
3. Rock A My Soul - Previously Unreleased In The US
4. Down To The Well
5. Break My Body
6. I’m Amazed
7. Here Comes Your Man
8. Subbacultcha
9. In Heaven - The Only Studio Version

mp3, 192 bit rate, but sound quality is ... weird. More to the point, it sounds like a studio session, not a true CD, with real production behind it.
I grabbed these from the net, don't know if it's in result of encoding or the original. But remember that this is one of their earliest recordings, so the sound quality could be below average. Or maybe they just recorded the songs this way, I don't really know. Nevertheless, if you're a fan and don't have them, I advise you to get them. If you're not, it's a small dl anyway, and you might discover the band this way.
The only CD cover I could find is small, and 'front-only'. If someone finds a better one, please post it here. Thx 24.40 MB 0.03 MB

Monster Magnet - Powertrip (mp3 192)
Not the best from MM, and they are not a 'easy' band to listen to, but it was sitting on my HD, so ... why not?
Mostly for fans, but take a shot if you're willing to: it has 'Space Lord', which some of you might remember from MTV and radio, in 98-99.
I'm trying to find my 'Superjudge' CD, but no luck so far. 31.47 MB 31.47 MB 20.98 MB
For this one, i managed to get CD covers. Lineup is on them, so I'm not listing it here.

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