Popa Chubby - Booty and the Beast

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Popa Chubby - Booty and the Beast

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Genre Blues | 1 cd | mp3 192 vbr Kbps | incl Covers | 96 MB

Track listing
1. Palace Of The King
2. Lookin' Back
3. Healing In Her Hands
4. Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer
5. Stoop Down Baby
6. Trouble
7. Same Old Blues
8. Anything You Want Me To Do
9. Low Down And Dirty
10. Waitin' For The Light
11. Angels On My Shoulder
12. You Rub Me The Wrong Way
13. Secret Chubby
14. Sweat
15. Chubby's Goodnight

Popa Chubby's major-label debut album is an inspiring set of energetic, gut-bucket blues-rock, filled with exceptional playing. Chubby has soul, even if he doesn't quite cut it as a songwriter; there aren't many songs that are inventive or memorable. But as an instrumental workout, Booty and the Beast is terrific. Using the blues as a basic foundation, Popa Chubby spins off into new directions, incorporating bits of rock and jazz to his forceful playing. His guitar playing is what makes the album a promising debut

Popa Chubby - Booty and the Beast