Praful - One Day Deep - 2003

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Praful - One Day Deep - 2003

Praful - One Day Deep
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Future Jazz, Latin | CD | MP3 | CBR 192 | 94.2 MB
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One Day Deep by German musician Praful (pronounced pra-fool) is a kind of hybrid world music, jazz, and electronica affair that manages to glide along in a smooth jazz kind of way that does nothing to offend, but simultaneously does nothing to distinguish itself either. Destined to be played in fusion restaurants around the globe, Praful's particular brand of down-tempo acid jazz has all the elements that make the genre a turn-off to both jazz aficionados and electronic fans alike. The problem being, it holds none of the extremes of either genre – neither the skilled improvisations of the best jazz music, nor the far reaching sounds and beats of the premier electronic outfits. Thus, it is left blandly CHR. /


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