Paul McCartney Ram DTS by TOUP

Posted By: bonomau
the second best Macca album in ASTONISHING 5.1 DTS surround sound.

1.Too Many People (McCartney)
2.3 Legs (McCartney)
3.Ram On (McCartney)
4.Dear Boy (McCartney/McCartney)
5.Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (McCartney/McCartney)
6.Smile Away (McCartney)
7.Heart Of The Country (McCartney)
8. Monkberry Moon Delight (McCartney)
9. Eat At Home (McCartney/McCartney)
10.Long Haired Lady (McCartney/McCartney)
11.Ram On (Reprise) (McCartney)
12.The Back Seat Of My Car (McCartney)
13.Smile Away (McCartney) 95.78 MB 95.78 MB 95.78 MB 95.78 MB 41.47 MB

WARNING: this is NOT a regular CD. it requieres a DTS decoder. Do not play it on a regular stereo or you run the risk of damaging your speakers as you will only hear white noise.