Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name [LIVE] (2004)

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Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name [LIVE] (2004)

Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name [LIVE] (2004)
Christian Worship Music | MP3 320 kbps VBR | 59 MB | 9 Tracks | 40min 05sec

From the early days of her career when an energetic teen-aged Rebecca St. James burst on the Christian music market, she defied conventional wisdom. The voice was unlike any other, the music sported styles from classical to 80’s new wave to techno-pop, and the net effect was like a breath of fresh air to casual listeners and fans alike.

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1. Lamb Of God (5:09)
2. Blessed Be Your Name (4:32)
3. Quiet You With My Love (4:06)
4. Let My Words Be Few (4:38)
5. I Adore You (3:51)
6. Above All (5:38)
7. Here I Am To Worship (3:23)
8. The Power Of Your Love (4:35)
9. Hidden Bonus Track (My Jesus, My Saviour) (4:13)