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Red Buddha - Siddhartha In Space (2005)

Posted By: elcangrejo

Red Buddha - Siddhartha In Space (2005)

MP3 | VBR 192~250 | Lounge

This Austrian production, composed and performed by Double X-Dee, continues the Germanic world-ambient sound so expertly demonstrated by Blue Chip Orchestra. Each track contains a smattering of vocal samples with heavy layers of synthesiser strings and bubbling electronica. However while Blue Chip Orchestra’s Native American themed album was more introspective and ambient, Red Buddha would not sound out of place in many world trance clubs. Tracks are epic explorations of Western dance music in a Far Eastern world. Thrown into the mix are vocal snippets from the region — ranging from guttural Buddhist chants to Tibetan folk singing — while Lenny Mac Dowell contributes synth and bamboo flute playing. These elements occasionally sound foreign in the mix, as if they were added after the main composition instead of the music being built around them, but for the most part the arrangements are seamless. While the opening track lulls you into the album, the pace is heightened by Trip to Lhasa HO and Freedom for Tibet with their thumping drumloops. Basslines on tracks such as Gong Chi and Walk to the Inside are reminiscent of Delerium’s albums. Double X-Dee expanded his sound into India on the follow-up album Siddhartha In Space, which features a host of live singers and performers. While the group's strong trance-rhythm focus won’t appeal to everyone, if you enjoyed Professor Trance or need a Far Eastern album with more edge, look no further than Red Buddha.


1. Raja-Raja feat. Kabir 5:45
2. Veen Bhangra 4:25
3. Isfahan feat. Nasrin & Voyage 5:46
4. Hawa Mahal feat. Bahramji 6.46
5. Flavored Atmosphere 6:26
6. Evening Celebration 6:11
7. Siddhartha In Space 5:47
8. Mystical Tribe feat. Bahramji 6:29
9. The Spirit Of Ladakh 6:45
10. Desert Thar 5:05
11. Al Rashid 7:31
12. Bororo´s Dance 7:45

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