Robbie Williams - Tripping - Music Video (Xvid)

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Robbie Williams - Tripping - Music Video (Xvid)

(Video: XVID 576x432 25.00fps | Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps |Play Lenght: 4:07 min | 31.7 MB)

Robbie Williams - Tripping - Music Video (Xvid)

Great music video, from the Intensive Care album (2005). The video quality is really good thanks to the codec, as well as file size.

"Tripping" 			  		 	 	  		 	    	 			   		   	  		 	 	  		 		   	 			   		 		   		 			  	 			   		   	  		  	   		  	 			 was the first single of Robbie Williams' 2005 album Intensive Care, also released in 2005. It reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

Williams himself calls the song "something like a mini gangster opera" and " kind of cabaret act reggae". The rolling rhythm of the song owes a lot to the early work of The Clash. During the chorus Williams reaches an extremely high disco-like falsetto. Lyrically the song is a bit darker than previous songs. It tells the tale of gangsters and how they "don't kill their own and they all love their mothers", before an anguished chorus of "I've taken as much as I'm willing to take".

"Tripping" was secretly released to US radio stations, but didn't get much play.

The video features Williams running in place, as he can't get anywhere. It also includes a baby talking to him, and two crazy lesbians in his car's backseat. The car is a Saab 95.

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