Richard Hayman and his Symphony Orchestra - Romantic Broadway (1991)

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Richard Hayman and his Symphony Orchestra - Romantic Broadway (1991)

Richard Hayman and his Symphony Orchestra - Romantic Broadway (1991)
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A delightful collection of musical highlights from Broadway performances with a romantic flavor, interpreted by a big symphonic orchestra conducted by America's favorite 'Pops' conductor, Richard Hayman. A hybrid of Europe and US, this CD will amaze you, with arrangements of Lehar's and O.Strauss' waltzes, under the baguette of a high talented and experienced American maestro. A musical experiment with wonderful results.

America's favourite 'Pops' conductor, Richard Hayman is Principal 'Pops' Conductor of the Saint Louis, Hartford and Grand Rapids symphony orchestras, of Orchestra London Canada and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and also held that post with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for many years. His original compositions are standards in the repertoire of these ensembles as well as frequently-performed selections of many orchestras and bands throughout the world. For over 30 years, Richard Hayman served as the chief arranger for the Boston Pops Orchestra during Arthur Fiedler’s tenure, providing special arrangements for dozens of their hit albums and famous singles. Under John Williams’ direction, the orchestra continues to program his award-winning arrangements and orchestrations. During the past several years, Richard Hayman has been concentrating most of his time on guest-conducting special 'Pops' concerts. He is reinvited, season after season, by all the leading orchestras across the United States and Canada, to conduct these popular entertainments during their regular seasons, as well as for their summer festivals.

Now residing in New York City, Richard Hayman's work is in constant demand, in every medium of musical expression, from Boston to Hollywood. Though more involved with the symphony orchestra circuit, he has served as musical director and/or master of ceremonies for the tour shows of many popular entertainers: Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Olivia Newton-John, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, The Carpenters, The Osmonds, Al Hin, Andy Williams and many others. Richard Hayman and His Orchestra have been presented in 23 albums and 27 hit singles by Mercury Records, for which he served as musical director for 12 years. Dozens of his original compositions have been recorded by various artists all over the world. He has also arranged and conducted recordings for more than 50 stars of the motion picture, stage, radio and television world. He has also scoréd Broadway shows and numerous motion pictures.

ln 1960, Richard Hayman was honored with his own star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Other awards have included a Certificate of Recognition from Cosmopolitan magazine for Achievement in Bettering Popular Music, the Edison Award for Creative Achievement in Recorded Arts from the Academy of Musical Recorded Arts and Sciences and the National TV Festival and Forum Award. For Naxos International, Richard Hayman records some ten compact discs every year ranging from the music of Leroy Anderson to the Best of John Williams and theme programmes such as Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing, Viva Espana and others.
01. S. Romberg - The Student Prince
Arrival Of The Prince - Serenade - Deep ln My Heart, Dear - Students’ Marching Song - Drinking Song - Just We Two - Entrance Of Officers.
02. F. Lehar - The Merry Widow Waltz
03. S. Romberg - The New Moon
Stout-Hearted Men - Lover, Come Back To Me l - The Girl On The Prow - Try Her Out At Dances - Marianne - Wanting You - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - One Kiss - Finale: (reprise) Stout-Hearted Men.
04. V. Youmans - Hit the Deck
Join The Navy - The Harbor Of My Heart - Nothing Could Be Sweeter - Sometimes I’m Happy - Shore Leave - Lucky Bird - Loo Loo - Hallelujah.
05. O. Strauss - The Chocolate Soldiers
The Chocolate Soldier - Come, Come, My Hero - Sympathy - The Bulgarians - Tiralala - Thank The Lord The War ls Over - Falling ln Love - Forgive, Forgive - That Would Be Lovely - Dance - The Little Song - Finale: (reprise).Come, Come My Hero.
06. V. Youmans - No, No, Nanette
I Want To Be Happy - Too Many Rings Around Rosie - Tea For Two - Waiting For You - You Can Dance With Any Girl At All - No No Nanette.
07. O. Hammerstein - Showboat
Old Man River - Why Do I Love You ? - You Are Love - Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man - Bill- Make Believe - Reprise: Old Man River.

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