Rossini-Instrumental Music-Fischer

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Rossini-Instrumental Music-Fischer

Rossini - Instrumental Music - Ivan Fischer-Budapest Festival Orchestra
Classical | Easy CD-DA, APE,CUE, No Log | 1 CDs, Covers, Booklet PDF | 240 MB
CD date: December 2008 | Channel Classics

Rossini was a genius, especially as a melody-composer. His instrumental music is like colourful opera arias or ensembles without words. To perform these melodies one needs to declamate, articulate and characterize like actors on stage. And of course one needs to have a brilliant, fast tongue and fast fingers. Italians talk fast with beautiful diction, especially in a heated discussion. It has been great fun to record this music with members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, where it is our aim to offer creative opportunities for individual members. I believe that this music needs clarity of sound: like that of the dry but transparent Italian theatres, sparkling of vitality.

Ivan Fischer