Saga - Silent Knight 1980

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Saga - Silent Knight 1980

Saga - Silent Knight
Genre: Prog rock | Ape+Cue | No Cover | 230 Mb

SAGA's 3rd album… released in 1980 this album could easily be the best Canadian album of that year, the only album that could give it a run is possibly Rush's "Permanent Waves", but I still think "Silent Knight" wins hands down. "Silent Knight" for me is easily 1 of SAGA's top 3 releases. I know many fans who rate this as SAGA's overall best CD and they have good reason for that. Silent Knight opens with Chapter 2 "Don't Be Late" that track by and far is one of SAGA's true trademarks. I love how Jim Gilmour sings the "digitized" vocals for instance "IF WE'RE LATE I WILL NOT SURVIVE - THEY WILL KEEP ME ALIVE" in between Michael Sadler's vocals, it's a very haunting song with one of my favourite Ian Crichton guitar solos, this song has everything. "What's It Gonna Be?", "Time To Go", "Compromise", "Too Much To Lose", "Help Me Out" and "Someone Should" all solid tracks in between 1 & 8. The final track "Careful Where You Step" a song that has a keyboard intro that will just slice through your organs and leave you gasping on the floor, more so in a live environment, I can attest to this! I can literally feel my bones rattling when Jim Gilmour plays the first notes of "Careful Where You Step", I love it!! This whole album has a very medievil feel to it, especially "Careful Where You Step" when I listen to this, I feel like i'm in full armour riding a black horse through some ancient city… just awesome! Oh yeah… I really get into this album… crank it!!!! Get it if you don't have it.

1. Don't Be Late (Chapter Two) (6:02)
2. What's It Gonna Be (4:27)
3. Time to Go (4:20)
4. Compromise (3:20)
5. Too Much to Lose (Chapter Seven) (4:38)
6. Help Me Out (5:50)
7. Someone Should (4:06)
8. Careful Where You Step (4:18)

Time: 37:47


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