Sam Moore - Overnight Sensational

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Sam Moore - Overnight Sensational

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Genre Soul | 1 cd | mp3 192 vbr Kbps | no Covers | 68 MB

Track listing
01. I Can't Stand The Rain (With 3:52
Wynonna, Bekka Bramlett, BeBe
Winans & Billy Preston)
02. Better To Have And Not Need 3:53
(With Bruce Springsteen)
03. Blame It On The Rain (With 3:26
04. Lookin' For Love (With Jon Bon 3:23
05. Ain't No Love (With Steve 4:46
06. None Of Us Are Free (With 4:04
Sting & Sheila E)
07. It's Only Make Believe (With 3:08
Mariah Carey & Vince Gill)
08. Don't Play That Song (You 3:29
Lied) (With Bekka Bramlett)
09. If I Had No Loot (With Van 4:22
Hunt, Nikka Costa & Billy F.
10. Riding Thumb (With Travis 3:51
Tritt & Robert Randolph)
11. We Shall Be Free (With Paul 3:25
12. You Are So Beautiful (With 3:41
Billy Preston, Zucchero, Eric
Clapton & Robert Randolph)

Rock Hall of Famer and Grammy winner Sam Moore—the voice of the
immortal soul hits "Hold On! I'm Comin," "I Thank You," and "Soul
Man"—has created an astonishing new solo album that showcases his
timeless talent and versatility. Bassist/record executive/talent
judge Randy Jackson, the project's producer, crafted a
contemporary sound that makes a perfect backdrop for Moore's
signature voice and energetic presence. More than 20 of Sam's
friends and peers—Jon Bon Jovi, Bekka Bramlett, Mariah Carey,
Eric Clapton, Nikka Costa, Shelia E., Fantasia, Billy F. Gibbons,
Vince Gill, Van Hunt, Billy Preston, Robert Randolph, Paul
Rodgers, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Travis Tritt, BeBe Winans,
Steve Winwood, Wynonna, and Zucchero—showed up to celebrate his
sensational vocal talents, making this album a truly spectacular,
"must-have" work of art.

Sam Moore - Overnight Sensational