Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion (2001)

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Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion (2001)

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion (2001)
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The Sandy Lopicic Orkestar consists of 15 musicians from different middle and south-east european countries and began its existence during a theatre performance in "Grazer Schauspielhaus" [Graz City Theater] - "The Black Rider - The Casting of the Magic Bullets" ["…at this moment definitely the most interesting theater orchestra in Austria", Frido Kuettner, Kleine Zeitung, A] "The Black Rider" theater play had certain thematic allusions to the war in Bosnia, so the music of Tom Waits was combined with traditional music from all over the Balkans. After the last performance, the musicians decided to continoue working together. Later the Austrian band deishovida , one of the most innovative bands in putting together different styles of the worlds musical traditions to their own, joined the orchestra.
What keeps this orchestra together is love for music from the former Yugoslavia, and the main idea is to show people how rich the cultural heritage of the Balkans is - and also, that the Balkan people were and are not only bunch of lunatics and maniacs killing and massacring each other, but that all those people used to live, love and create beautyful music together.
The Orchestra plays Bulgarian, Gypsy/Roma, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian and Montenegrin songs - their music passes through the filters of their own individual influences and imagination [the orchestra consists of mostly classical and jazz professional musicians] and sophisticated arrangements. Their music is a soundtrack for an imaginary movie, a history of love, joy and fire of passion.

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion, 2001 г.

1. Da Zna Zora (Traditional) 3:55
2. Jane Sandanski (Traditional) 4:00
3. Djelem, Djelem (Traditional) 6:50
4. Apo Hapi Syte (Traditional) 5:49
5. Bugarski Cocek (Traditional) 3:52
6. Ljuba (Traditional) 8:15
7. Fanfare (Traditional) 4:30
8. Usti, Usti Babo (Traditional) 5:18
9. U Stambolu Na Bosforu (Traditional) 5:04
10. Last-I (Loibner) 5:40
11. Last-II (Loibner) 2:12
12. Kales Bre Andjo (Traditional) 4:50
13. Le Rindovani (Girard) 5:12
14. Martesa (Traditional) 4:20

vesna petkovic (serbia)
natasha mirkovic-dero (bosnia)
irina karamarkovic (kosovo)

sandy lopicic (bosnia)keyboard
kurt bauer (austria) violin
richard winkler (austria) alto saxophone, clarinet
janez vouk (slovenija) trumpet
christoph pfeiffer (austria) trumpet
alfred lang (austria) trumpet
michael bergbaur (austria) trombone, tuba
sasenko prolic (bosnia) bass
jorg mikula (austria) drums
thomas mauerhofer (austria) guitar
stefan bauer (austria) sound

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