Santana : As The Years Go By

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Santana : As The Years Go By (Early Years)
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As anyone who's listened to Santana for years, you'd know that Supernatural was just a marketing gimic and wasn't typical of Satana's true skills and style.

However, I won't fault Carlos for it. He's been a working musician for nearly twice as long as I've been alive. If anyone deserves to put out something to generate sales and still put out a decent product, then it's him.

This is a compilation of early, classic Santana with some good jams on it. Just normal, rocking Santana.

Daniel A. Frost

Personal :
This is an album I own and I think it is a very rare compilation, because the above review is all that I could find on the Internet

Enjoy :

I have another album from Santana (Live at the Filmore) witth a very nice booklet. I did not see it in the Santana List Home at Avax. I wille upload it the next time.