Sex Pistols- Live at teh Phoenix festival 1996

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Sex Pistols- Live at teh Phoenix festival 1996

Sex Pistols-live 1996/full dvd/punk/cover/1900mb/Rapidshare

OK Here is The Sex Pistols live at the Phoenix Festival back in 1996,
i've included a couple of other TV Appearances from the same year too!
They are all in the Pal DVD.format and uploaded as an ISO for easy burning
and its authored nicely too!

All source videos come from my own video collection and with the exception
of the MTV US Studio Tracks are from first generation Stereo SVHS tapes.
There is one camera from the Phoenix live and uncut which has slight lines
but this is how it was broadcast, the cut version was shown later and they
replaced the song Bodies with the song Pills, i would have included Bodies
but it was released as an extra track on the John Lydon 2005 DVD
"The best of British £1 Notes" so sorry about that.

As far as i know MTV Europe only showed these once so your lucky
that i tape a lot of stuff :) they repeat so much shit over and over again
but anything even remotely imteresting sits gathering dust while they
seem to be going out of there way to remove music all together from there
channels, oh well….. i have enough stuff to keep me posting until i get a
telegraph from the queen……………………..Enjoy!

The Sex Pistols
Live At The UK Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996
Also a few live TV Appearances in 1996

time: 00.57.55
chapters: 17
Video Mpeg-2 4.48 Mbps
Audio: Dolby digital 2.0

01 - Pretty Vacant (TOTPs 28th September 1996)
02 - New York (TOTPs 28th September 1996)

03 - Pretty Vacant (Late Show with Letterman 12th December 1996)

04 - No Feelings (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
05 - God Save The Queen (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
06 - Liar (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
07 - Holidays In The Sun (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
08 - Pretty Vacant (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
09 - Anarchy In The UK (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)
10 - Pills (Phoenix Festival 21st July 1996)

11 - Pretty Vacant (MTV Studios USA 19th August 1996)
12 - Problems (MTV Studios USA 19th August 1996)

Files are in the text file

Have Funn grtz Garretje