Snoop Dogg - The Last Meal(2000)

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Snoop Dogg - The Last Meal(2000)

Snoop Dogg - The Last Meal (2000)
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“Well for all those wondering which Snoop album to get between 'Tha Last Meal' and 'Dead Man Walkin', the answer is easy: Tha Last Meal. Snoop shows us on this album that he still has some of the magic he had 7 years back. My only real complaint about this album is that the following people weren't on it: Xzibit, Daz, Kurpt, Warren G, etc… If those guys we're on the album, it might have been as good as Doggystyle! My Favorite songs on tha album are: Hennessey & Buddah, Snoop Dogg, True Lies, Go Away, Set it Off, Lay Low, Issues, Brake Fluid, Ready 2 Ryde, and Y'all Gone Miss Me. To keep this review as short as possible i'll put it this way. This album is a little different then Doggystyle and his past albums, it has less party tracks and its more serious… If your a Snoop fan, you need to check out the album. Now for all those wondering if this is Snoop's BEST album, now that is totally up to you! Doggystyle is less-serious, and more about partying. Tha Last Meal is quite a bit more serious. Right now, i think they are pretty much equal cuz i feel BOTH of the styles… just buy the damn thing.
BTW, Snoop fans: you might think the album is wack for the first 2-3 listens(due to the fact that its different then his albums before) but after that you listen to it a couple times you realize its a really tight album.. its the type of album that you appreciate more and more after every listen! ”Customer Review on
Track list
2.Hennesey N Buddah - (featuring Kokane)
3.Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Part 2)
4.True Lies - (featuring Kokane)
5.Wrong Idea - (featuring Bad Azz/Kokane/Lil HD)
6.Go Away - (featuring Kokane)
7.Set It Off - (featuring MC Ren/The Lady Of Rage/Nate Dogg/Ice Cube)
8.Stacey Adams - (featuring Kokane)
9.Lay Low - (featuring Master P/Nate Dogg/Butch Cassidy/Tha Eastsidaz)
10.Bring It On - (featuring Suga Free/Kokane)
11.Game Court - (skit, featuring Mac Minista)
13.Brake Fluid (Bitches Pump Yo Brakes) - (featuring Kokane)
14.Ready 2 Ryde - (featuring Eve)
15.Loosen' Control - (featuring Butch Cassidy)
16.I Can't Swim
17.Leave Me Alone
18.Back up Off Me - (featuring Master P/Mister Magic)
19.Y'All Gone Miss Me - (featuring Kokane)

2000 - Snoop Dogg - The Last Meal

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