Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)

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Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)

Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)
Contemporary Classical | NAXOS | 2003 | 59:44 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Covers | 230 MB
IRIS Chamber Orchestra, Michael Stern, Conductor, Richard Stoltzman, Clarinet

Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)

This is a follow-up post to Hartke's piano and chamber music offered here earlier by aliomodo.

Stephen Hartke's Clarinet Concerto (2001) is a fresh and lively modern work that manages to be intellectually stimulating while remaining largely accessible. Subtitled "Landscapes with Blues", the piece comprises three aural snapshots tracing the history of blues from its African origins to the present day. Harkte incorporates authentic African dance rhythms, as well as those of jazz and blues, yet the composer's own style reflects a strong minimalist influence (particularly of the John Adams variety). In the first movement, Senegambia, a repeated five-note bass figure stalks beneath the clarinet's, freewheeling seemingly improvised modulations. Hartke's orchestra maintains persistent and colorful commentary on the proceedings, with intriguing instrumental combinations that at times remind of Stravinsky (note the dancing horn chorales midway into the movement). Delta Nights, with its desolate atmosphere and despairing clarinet musings, suggests the oppressive heat of the deep south, while the heavy, disjointed rhythms of Philamayork vividly portray the big city at work. Throughout, Hartke's writing is vibrant, and stunningly imaginative, as is Richard Stoltzman's stellar playing. But there's still more to enjoy on this disc. The Rose of the Winds (1998) for string octet forms a respite from the calculated intensity of concerto, soothing as it does with its spare string textures and haunting melodic fragments. Gradüs (1999), with its rough-edged syncopations and layered counterpoint, sparks memories of Steve Reich. Finally, Harkte's Pacific Rim, a much earlier work (1988) is somewhat less cohesive and incisive than the preceding, nonetheless impresses through its novel fusion of eastern and western musical traditions. Michael Stern's performances with the IRIS Chamber Orchestra are remarkable for their high energy and rhythmic precision. Naxos provides an exceptionally vivid recording. You simply must hear the Clarinet Concerto, its bound to be an American classic. -- Victor Carr, Jr,

Track list:

1. Clarinet Concerto ('Landscapes with Blues'): Senegambia
2. Clarinet Concerto ('Landscapes with Blues'): Delta Nights
3. Clarinet Concerto ('Landscapes with Blues'): Philamayork
4. The Rose of the Winds, for 4 violins, 2 violas & 2 cellos
5. Gradus, for bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello & double bass
6. Pacific Rim, for orchestra

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