Strictly Salsa - 100 Salsa Moves - Moves 31-40

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Strictly Salsa - 100 Salsa Moves
Moves 31-40

Продолжаем учиться Сальсу. А начать её учиться никогда не поздно. Эти уроки подходят для всех. Как начинающие так и продвинутые танцоры здесь найдут много полезного. Рекомендую!!!

Great for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. This DVD shows you 100 of the hottest moves and combinations from around the globe! Designed for all levels.
The video shows moves from different angles and with close ups on hands and feet to enable students to watch their favourite moves being demonstrated.
Instructors are all Australian Representatives and Champions. Highly recognised performers and instructors who tour the globe, training, competing and performing.
Includes 2 hours of fantastic salsa demonstrations.

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