Suicide Commando 2 albums [RS]

Suicide Commando is the name of a Belgian musical act combining aggrotech with elements of electro-industrial.
Created by Johan Van Roy in 1986, Suicide Commando's first widely released album, Critical Stage, did not emerge until 1994.


Suicide Commando exhibits a sound that is close to what musician Rudy Ratzinger labeled as endzeit electro in reference to his own work. van Roy is known for pounding, distorted, danceable beats, as well as dark chorus lines such as "love breeds suicide" and "see you in hell", yet also structuring his music around very catchy, melodic hooks in a manner similar to pop music. Suicide Commando represents the progression of a genre defined by earlier influential acts such as Ministry and fellow Belgians Front 242.

1° LP Suicide Commando : Axis of evil
Original Release Date: October 21, 2003

track listing :

1. Cause of Death: Suicide
2. Consume Your Vengence
3. Face of Death [Blind Rage Mix]
4. Reformation
5. On Nation Under God
6. Mordfabrik
7. Evildoer
8. Sterbehilfe
9. Plastik Christ
10. Neuro Suspension

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2° LP Suicide Commando : Godsend Menschenfresser
Release date: 25.11.2005

track listing :

01 Godsend
02 Godsend (Amduscia Remix)
03 Godsend (God Module Remix)
04 Menschenfresser
05 Menschenfresser (Agonoize Remix)
06 Menschenfresser (Reaper Remix)

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"Strange music for strange people"
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