Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks

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Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks

Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks
25 tracks | MP3 192 Kbps | RAR 80Mb

Disc consists of 3 sets of Antique music. Greek Music newly found at Oxyrhinchus in Egypt; music from ancient city Ugarit (XIII century B.C.) - Sumero-Babylonian music (including oldest notated music in the history of humankind); music of the Egyptians reconstructed after descriptions by Plutarch and Apuleius.

Ensemble De Organographia re-creates this music with such love and understanding of the ancient cultures, that you nearly feel the breezes of the Mediterranean sea and see the landscapes of its shores. They perform it as a music of still living folk tradition.

I had heard different ''restorations'' of the Music of the Ancient World and this work by Ensemble De Organographia is simply the best!!! A must for the lover of the Antique culture.
You could find CDs (and sound samples) by Ensemble De Organographia on website by North Pacific Music.


1. Musical Excerpts….Anon. (2nd c. AD)
2. Lament…Anon. (2nd or 3rd c. AD)
3. Fragment 1…Anon. (2nd c. AD)
4. Paean…Anon. (3rd or 4th c. AD)
5. Trochaic fragment….Anon. (3rd c. AD)
6. Four settings of a line from "Epitrepontes" by Menander…Anon.(3rd c.AD)
7. Excerpts mentioning Eros and Aphrodite…Anon. (2nd or 3rd c. AD)
8. Musical excerpt…Anon. (3rd c. AD)
9. Hypolydian excerpt…Anon. (2nd or 3rd c. AD)
10. Fragment 3…Anon. (3rd c. AD)
11. A zaluzi to the gods…Anon. (c. 1225 BC)
12. Hurrian Hymns 19 and 23…Anon. (c.1225 BC)
13. Hurrian Hymns 13 and 12…Urhiya/Anon. (c. 1225 BC)
14. Hurrian Hymn 2…Anon. (c. 1225 BC)
15. Hurrian Hymn 8…Urhiya (c. 1225 BC)
16. Hurrian Hymn 5…Puhiya(na) (c. 1225 BC)
17. Hurrian Hymns 4, 21 and 22… Anon. (c. 1225 BC)
18. Hurrian Hymns 7 and 10…Anon. (c. 1225 BC)
19. Hurrian Hymns 16 and 30…Anon. (c.1225 BC)
20. Musical Instructions for "Lipit-Ishtar, King of Justice" (c. 1950 BC)
21. Trumpet call…Anon./Plutarch
22. Isis sistrum rhythm…Anon./Apuleius
23. Theban banquet scene…Anon. (14th c. BC)
24./25. Harp pieces (A) (B)…Anon. (7th or 6th c. BC)

Ensemble De Organographia

De Organographia:
Philip Neuman, Gayle Stuwe Neuman combine astute musicology, performance practice and instrument crafting in the realization of this amazing collection of music from 1950 BC to 300 AD. From the world's oldest notated music, vocal renderings are accompanied with performed lyres, kithara, pandoura, double reed pipes, flutes and other ancient instruments.

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