Synergy - Audion (1981)

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Synergy - Audion (1981)

Synergy - Audion (1981)
Electronic | MP3 320 Kbps | 45:09 | 103 Mb

1. Orbit Five
2. Revolt At L-5
3. Terminal Hotel
4. Electric Blue
5. Ancestors
6. After The Earthquake
7. Falcons And Eagles
8. Flight Of The Looking Glass
9. Shibolet
10. An End To History

This reissue of pioneering electronic artist Synergy, one of many coming from PolyGram Chronicles, is an interesting and entertaining mix. Audion opens with "Orbit Five," layering melodic runs and chords over percussion for a very progressive-rock result. "Terminal Hotel," a slow, heavily rhythmic piece with an atmospheric opening, is full of the cinematic drama that Synergy is famous for. There are several orchestral-sounding pieces as well, making one wonder what would happen if, for instance, the London Symphony took on the anthemic "After the Earthquake," the classically structured "Falcons and Eagles," or "Flight of the Looking Glass," which mixes classical and pop sensibilities. Knowing that Audion was originally recorded before the age of digital synthesis makes the results all the more impressive. –Genevieve Williams

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