Tangerine Dream - Live Miles (1988)

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Tangerine Dream - Live Miles (1988)

Tangerine Dream - Live Miles | 1988 | Electronic
MP3 | CBR 320 kbp/s | Lame 3.96 | Time: 57:05 | Size: 133Mb

Edgar Froese, Christoph Franke, Paul Haslinger

Part 1 recorded live during the North American tour June/July
1986, remixed January 1988

Part 2 recorded live during the 750th Anniversary of the city
of West-Berlin in August 1987 remixed January 1988


1. Livemiles, Part One (The Albuquerque Concert) 29:52
2. Livemiles, Part Two (The West-Berlin Concert) 27:13

The 1988 album Livemiles was the last one appearing on the Jive Electro label - the 'Blue Years' had ended. Another change was the departure of Chris Franke, leaving TD after 16 years immediately after the open air concert in Berlin on August 1st, 1987.

Only a 27 minute long remixed excerpt of this concert is featured on this album as Livemiles, Part Two, while the full length concert of more than two hours was made available on the fan release Tangerine Tree Volume 38: Berlin 1987, taken from a radio broadcast.

The composition Livemiles, Part One is alleged to be a live performance in Albuquerque from June 1986. Fan tapes prove that this is not true: None of the material featured on this record was performed at that time and place. It seems to be a pure studio production, though a part of it was played live during the US tour in 1988 (months after release of the album Livemiles). An original version of the material performed live during the 1986 US tour can be heard on Vault IV, though it comes from the venue at Cleveland, about two weeks after the gig of Albuquerque.

In 1996 the album was re-released on CD with a totally new cover artwork and the title slightly changed to Live Miles. The two tracks were retitled Livemiles I (Albuquerque Concert) and Livemiles II (Berlin Concert)

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