Mirah - (2009) (A)Spera

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Mirah - (2009) (A)Spera

Mirah - (2009) (A)Spera
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(a)spera, the fourth solo album from Mirah, is the long awaited follow-up to 2004’s highly acclaimed C’mon Miracle (KLP160). Known for her explorative approach to her own brand of independent music making, Mirah’s voice now brings us a new vision of the truths of our times. The songs on (a)spera strike a bold path across a landscape of dynamic and varied melody forms. Mirah’s strongest asset, her sincerity and the care she takes in placing herself within her music, is offered without compromise.


1. Generosity
2. The World Is Falling Apart
3. Education
4. Shells
5. Country of the Future
6. The Forest
7. Gone Are the Days
8. The River
9. Bones & Skin
10. While We Have the Sun