Mi Ami - (2009) Watersports

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Mi Ami - (2009) Watersports

Mi Ami - (2009) Watersports
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Welcome to Mi Ami — where the only hint of tropical exposure is the stifling humidity of an all-night dance party. Here in Mi Ami, there are no arced palms, hungry crocs, or pesky tourists getting in the way of all the sheer nastiness shaking and stirring about. Within its pulsating realm — a world-beat machine of tireless, congalike aerobics — delayed and jangly guitars, dirty bass, and skronky electronics fill the dank atmosphere as sticky, gyrating bodies press up against one another and ripple to and fro.


01 echononecho
02 the man in your house
03 new guitar
04 pressure
05 freed from sin
06 white whife
07 peaceatalks/downer