Terry OLDFIELD - Spirit of India

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Terry OLDFIELD - Spirit of India

Audio CD (February 28, 1997) Label: New World Music UP (mp3@320) + Covers Front Back & CD

1. Voices In The Wind
2. Sandalwood & Jasmine
3. Jayadev, The Bard Of Love
4. Moonlight On A Lotus
5. Of A Love That Sweetly Dwells

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The essence of a culture that is steeped in ancient tradition and spirituality into a music of profound and genuine insight. Flutes, percussion, mantric chanting and the exotic and mystical tones of the sitar dance their way into the realm of the soul. The hauting melodies and hypnotic rhythms create an entrancing oasis to entice the senses and enliven the spirit. An absolute gem of universal appeal.