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The Universe By Ear - The Universe By Ear (2019)

Posted By: Domestos
The Universe By Ear - The Universe By Ear (2019)

The Universe By Ear - The Universe By Ear (2019)
MP3 CBR 320kbps ~ 107.81 Mb | 00:46:26 | Cover
Progressive Rock | Country: Switzerland (Basel) | Label: Sireena Records

It could have started with a knock on the door, a letter on the table or some blood on the floor - That's the opening line of the second self-titled album from The Universe By Ear. And indeed: There is an endless array of ways to open an album, that follows up upon a critically appraised debut (2017). The Universe By Ear chose a hidden escape route and start off with a psychedelia-fuled garage-rocker: Been Here Before of course is a misleading title for that opener, since the powertrio ventures into newland.

But of course The Universe By Ear also remain true to what they do best, which is the instrumental freefall through des musical cosmos they call psychedelic brain blues. But since a conscious and constant trespassing can in itself be limiting, Grünenfelder, Bürgin and Strittmatter dish out a poppy hook (Temperamental Apathy) a badass shouter (Bad Boy Boogie) and a two faced cinematic Wild-West-Soundtrack (Sand And Dust). It goes without saying that mathematics (Lessons From An Ordinary World), grooveriffs (Euphoria), some krautrock (Follow The Echo) and stoner (Loudest Gorilla in the Cage) also find their spaces. The bands thumbprint - three freewheeling instrumentalists and just as many voices - remains distinctive. In Where All Sheep Are Black you will re-encounter a wall of guitars and the superimposed vocals, that also made the debut-album stand out. The listener will also be happy to find out that The Universe By Ear remain true to their game on the second album, which like its predecessor comes without a name, but give their ideas more room to breathe. The next knock on the door is bound to come soon enough.

Track List:
01 – Been Here Before
02 – Where All Sheep Are Black
03 – Temperamental Apathy
04 – Follow the Echo
05 – Fall
06 – Bad Boy Boogie
07 – Euphoria
08 – Lessons from an Ordinary World
09 – Sand …
10 – … and Dust
11 – Loudest Gorilla in the Cage
12 – Transitional Hairdo

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