The Boxer (1998)

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The Boxer (1998)

The Boxer (1998)
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The score to Jim Sheridan's The Boxer was written by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer, and the two have created a moving, ambitious score that captures the drama of the story. The music has a strong Irish undercurrent and is largely performed by the Irish Film Orchestra and the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. But the most impressive thing about the score is that it actually holds up apart from the film itself. ~ Rodney Batdorf, All Music Guide
The Boxer (1998)

The Boxer (1998)

1. In the Shadow of a Gun
2. Holy Family I
3. To the Peace Line
4. Boxer
5. Twelve Noon
6. You Broke My Heart
7. Semtex
8. Night Band
9. Peace
10. Fight's Over
11. Angus Dei
12. Funeral
13. Holy Family II
14. End of Story, Peacemaker
15. Boxer (Finale)
16. Everything's Gonna Be Alright