The Chieftains «The Long Black Veil»

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The Chieftains «The Long Black Veil» (1995)
Irish Folk / Celtic

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More than three decades and many albums spent charting the gorgeous musical landscape of Ireland have made the Chieftains by far the world's most recognized and qualified ambassadors of Celtic sound and rhythm. Having toured the globe and garnered numerous awards, the traditional sextet has set its sights on something bigger: the pop charts. Though they've worked in the past with names like Roger Daltrey, Nanci Griffith, and Willie Nelson, on The Long Black Veil the Chieftains graduate to A-list guest stars with appearances by Sting, the Rolling Stones, and, yes, even Tom Jones.

It's a testimony to the considerable talents and character of the Chieftains that none of the celebrity personalities or egos upstage the band on this record. Rather, the musicians always stay in control and the instruments remain at the center of the songs. So while Mick Jagger delivers a stirring reading of the title song, it's the pipes and fiddles that transform the country standard into deep Gaelic soul music. Turns by Marianne Faithfull, Ry Cooder, Mark Knopfler, Sinead O'Connor, and old buddy Van Morrison (doing his own "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?") come off predictably and competently, but breathing life into familiar, mostly traditional tunes like "The Lily of the West" and "The Foggy Dew" is ultimately the province of bandleader/tin whistler Paddy Moloney and his more-than-competent mates.

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Tracks 1 - 3 | 24.1 Mb

1. The Chieftains, Sting «Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero)»
2. The Chieftains, Mick Jagger «Long Black Veil»
3. The Chieftains, Sinéad O'Connor «Foggy Dew»

Tracks 4 - 6 | 25.6 Mb

4. The Chieftains, Van Morrison «Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?»
5. The Chieftains, Derek Bell «Changing Your Demeanour»
6. The Chieftains, Mark Knopfler «Lily Of The West»

Tracks 7 - 8 | 21.8 Mb

7. The Chieftains, Ry Cooder «Coast Of Malabar»
8. The Chieftains «Dunmore Lassies»

Tracks 9 - 11 | 25.8 Mb

9. The Chieftains, Marianne Faithfull «Love Is Teasin'»
10. The Chieftains, Sinéad O'Connor «He Moved Through The Fair»
11. The Chieftains «Ferny Hill»

Tracks 12 - 13 | 17.6 Mb

12. The Chieftains, Tom Jones «Tennessee Waltz / Tennessee Mazurka»
13. The Chieftains, The Rolling Stones «Rocky Road To Dublin»

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If you've downloaded «Celtic Myst 2» album, you might have noticed that tracks 16-18 are trimmed. At last I've found full ones and you can get it (26 Mb).

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