The Chieftains - 5 more albums

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The Chieftains - 5 more albums

Find here the following albums:

The Chieftains - 10 [Cotton Eyed Joe] (1981) 50 MB 256-320 kbps (mp3)
The Chieftains - The Year of the French [soundtrack] (1982) 44 MB 128 kbps(mp3)
The Chieftains - The Chieftains in China (1987) 39 MB DVD 016 128 kbps(mp3)
The Chieftains - The Tailor of Gloucester [soundtrack] (1988) 17 MB 192 kbps(mp3)
The Chieftains - Live from Dublin [A Tribute to Derek Bell] (2004) 58 MB 128 kbps (wma)

The Tailor of Gloucester (1988) contains only the 2nd album side, as the other side only contains chieftains music "marred" by the spoken movie narration (Merryl Streep).

I did not check the mp3-files for quality, just looked that all titles and the taggings are present. So, no complaints for that post are accepted, ´cause they are free.

As a bonus you can download here (and share on):
The Chieftains - 5 more albums

THE Complete O´Neill´s Dance Music of Ireland (+ 1001 MIDI sound files for that huge book). More books (slow airs, tin whistle tutors etc. will be posted later)

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