The Coral - Magic and Medicine

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The Coral - Magic and Medicine

The Coral: Magic and Medicine
Indie | MP3 ~245 kbps | RS | 72 MB | 2004

An album for long, meandering summer afternoons, Magic and Medicine is a quirky and imaginative bundle of joy.

True to past form, The Coral are able to employ stylistic kleptomania without resorting to derivation or cowardly irony. "Don't Think You're The First", smacks of tasty spaghetti western with a small dollop of surfy sauce. Deep echo guitar is supplemented by melancholy violin in "Milkwood Blues". A 'jam-session' feel pervades throughout as the many influences just keep on coming.

With endearing hyperactive childishness, most tracks refuse to stand still. A few of The Coral's musical offspring fidget stylistically yet fail to actually go anywhere. This is annoying. The chaotic lack of focus and direction on "Talkin' Gypsey Market Blues" just hurts your head. But for the bulk of the album, you can sit back and enjoy every deviation of a tumultuous ride. ~ Daniel Pike, BBC Review

1. In The Forest
2. Don't Think You're The First
3. Liezah
4. Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues
5. Secret Kiss
6. Milkwood Blues
7. Bill McCai
8. Eskimo Lament
9. Careless Hands
10. Pass It On
11. All Of Our Love
12. Confessions Of A.D.D.D.

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