The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy (1998)

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The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy (1998)

The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy (1998)
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The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy (1998)

In my High Llamas' personal podium, "Cold and Bouncy" and "Snowbug" are in first position, ex-aequo… Two masterworks! Then comes "Hawaii".

After 1997's Hawaii, O'Hagan decided to approach his Brian Wilsonisms from a new angle. With the help of Stereolab keyboardist Andy Ramsey, O'Hagan layered that band's trademark gurgling Moogs and galactic loops into the Llamas' pastoral pop sound. The procedure couldn't have worked better. The electronic embellishments on "Cold and Bouncy" help focus their melodies – especially on the serene "Tilting Windmills" – and veer the band away from the mere rock revivalism and occasional aimless wafting that they were prone to in the past.

"Cold and Bouncy" is an accurate description of the High Llamas' music, in many ways. On the surface, it's light and airy, with sprightly or sighing melodies, sometimes quite detailed, but that very attention to detail keeps the music at an emotional distance – it's easy to admire Sean O'Hagan's skill, but a little more difficult to be moved by it. Still, there's a lot to be said for being evocative, which the High Llamas certainly are. Like its predecessor, "Hawaii", "Cold and Bouncy" floats between involved instrumentals and songs, relying on texture more than actual songwriting. O'Hagan is beginning to break away from his Brian Wilson obsessions, even if echoes of Smile and Pet Sounds are evident throughout the record. However, it sounds more than ever like original work, thanks to a subtle incorporation of retro-electronic textures, straight out of his work with Stereolab. Those keyboards open the sound up just enough to make "Cold and Bouncy" the group's most inviting release since "Gideon Gaye".

THE HIGH LLAMAS - Cold and Bouncy - 1998

1. Twisto Teck
2. The Sun Beats Down
3. HiBall Nova Scotia
4. Tilting Windmills
5. Glide Time
6. Bouncy Glimmer
7. Three Point Scrabble
8. Homespin Rerun
9. Painters Paint
10. Evergreen Vampo
11. Showstop Hip Hop
12. Over The River
13. End On Tick Tock
14. Didball
15. Jazzed Carpenter
16. Lobby Bears

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The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy

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