The New Cars - It's Alive [2006] [Live]

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The New Cars - It's Alive [2006] [Live]
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1. Just What I Needed
2. Let's Go
3. Candy-O
4. You Might Think
5. Best Friend's Girl
6. I Saw The Light
7. You're All I'Ve Got Tonight
8. Not Tonight
9. Drive
10. Moving In Stereo
11. Shake It Up
12. Dangerous Type
13. Bye Bye Love
14. Open My Eyes
15. Good Time Roll
16. Not Tonight
17. Warm
18. More

What stands out more when listening to this revival of the Cars and their cherished, iconic repertoire? The absence of the band's founding mastermind, chief vocalist/songwriter Ric Ocasek? Or the presence of Todd Rundgren, a semi-deified pop legend, as his replacement? It's Todd, by a landslide. Staunch Ocasek loyalists may argue that It's Alive–consisting of 15 live tracks (12 of them vintage Cars tunes) and three new studio cuts–is a disservice to the Boston band's legacy, but that looms as a minority viewpoint. Culled from three performances on a Southern California soundstage, the album unites two original band members (Elliot Easton on guitar and Greg Hawkes on keys–who, unlike Ocasek and original drummer David Robinson, still yearn to perform the group's music live) with Rundgren, bassist Kasim Sulton (who worked harmonic magic with Rundgren in Utopia) and drummer Prairie Prince (the Tubes). The result is an energetic paean to the Cars' power-pop heritage, capturing the band's classic feel-good vibe with all cynical subtexts intact. Rundgren, no stranger to creating mirror-like tributes to other artists' works (see 1976's Faithful), oversees almost note-for-note replications of Cars standards while slipping a little manic bite into selected lyrics ("You're All I've Got Tonight," "Bye Bye Love"). Two older Todd compositions–"Open My Eyes" (from his Nazz days) and "I Saw the Light"–make the cut, and amusingly it's the latter song, not a Cars track, on which he makes a brief lyrical flub. Rundgren is an inspired choice to fill Ocasek's role of wry lyrical observer, particularly with Sulton aboard as his heaven-sent harmonic foil. (The latter admirably handles lead vocals on "Drive," late bassist Benjamin Orr's signature song.) This disc's crucial new material–two thoughtful, midtempo, harmony-rich pieces and "Not Tonight," a witty, upbeat spin on 28-hour workdays–suggests the New Cars could be a worthy vehicle for Rundgren's polished pop instincts should the group stick together beyond summer touring. That may lead fans to start echoing the sentiment of this disc's closing track: "I want more." –Terry Wood

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