The Police live in Hamburg 1980 full dvd

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The Police live in Hamburg 1980 full dvd

<<The police live in Hamburg 1980>>
Genre:rock/dvd/no covers/packed wilth lot of fun/24oomb

This is an amazing concert from Sting and his friends from the best days of the band

THE POLICE - Markthalle Hamburg 11 Jan 1980

Last Update December 8, 2005

Steward Copeland - Schlagzeug, Gesang
Andy Summers - Gitarre, Gesang
Sting - Bass, Gesang


01 Next To You (2'30'')
02 So Lonely (5'45'')
03 Walking On The Moon (5'05'')
04 Hole In My Life (3'50'')
05 Death Wish (5'00'')
06 Fall Out (2'25'')
07 Bring On The Night (5'20'')
08 Visions Of The Night (3'10'')
09 The Bed's Too Big Without You (7'50'')
10 Peanuts (4'30'')
11 Roxanne (4'00'')
12 Can't Stand Loosing You (7'35'')
13 Message In A Bottle (4'55'')
14 Born In The 50's (3'25'')

PAL, pro shot, taken from VHS tape of unknown generation,
recording quality is average and does not meet the standard you would
expect from a VHS tape made in the 1990s, see screenshots for further impressions, but the concert is enjoyable!

Have fun grts Garretje