The Rankin Family «Fare Thee Well Love»

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The Rankin Family «Fare Thee Well Love» (1990)
Irish Folk

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The Rankin Family produce excellent traditional tracks (like " Fair And Tender Ladies") and mix them with folk/pop songs like "Orangedale Whistle" and "Gilles Mountain" to name but two very good tracks. Others are "Fisherman's Son", "You Left A Flower" and the title track which keep the standard up to a very high level.
Simple arrangements, well played and with great individual singing or even better harmonies, this is an classic album unfortunately not known to most of the great British music public, which is a shame. Every time I hear it, I feel all the better for it - it makes you glad to be around.

Whether singing original compositions or traditional ones, no-one does it quite like the Rankins. This is their 2nd album and every bit as good as their first, which I recommend also. They also sing some of the traditional songs in Gaelic which makes for a refreshing change. Unfortunately John Morris Rankin was killed in a freak accident last year, and will be very sadly missed by all. For anyone interested in East Coast/Maritime music, this is a must.

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Tracks 1 - 6 | 28.7 Mb

1.Orangedale Whistle
2.T-Each Ruadh (The Red Horse)
3.Fair and Tender Ladies
4.Fiddle Medley
5.Fisherman's Son
6.Tell My Ma

Tracks 7 - 11 | 24.8 Mb

7.You Left a Flower
8.Fare Thee Well Love
9.Gillis Mountain
10.Gaelic Medley
11.Tripper's Jig