Tindersticks - Can Our Love

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Tindersticks - Can Our Love

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Genre alternative Rock | 1 cd | mp3 192 Kb | incl Covers | 63 MB

Track listing
1. Dying Slowly
2. People Keep Comin' Around
3. Tricklin'
4. Can Our Love…
5. Sweet Release
6. Don't Ever Get Tired
7. No Man in the World
8. Chilitetime

When sizing up the appeal of Can Our Love…, the fifth album from the decade-old Tindersticks, the number of their records you may already own is largely irrelevant. The unswerving continuity of their work–chiefly remarkable for single-digit BPMs, a bone-dry sense of humor, and a luxuriant air of romantic desolation–suggests that each Tindersticks album is merely a small corner of a canvas the size of, well, life and love and loss. And on this album, once again we get what we came to swoon for: the dusty Hazlewood-esque intro prefacing Stuart Staples's forlorn, chocolaty mumbles ("dying slowly seems better than shooting myself") on "Don't Ever Get Tired," the interwoven vocal lines of "Chilitetime," and the intimate, Cohen-like voiceover of "No Man in the World." And we also get the suspicion, on hearing the Hammond-shivering, Bobby Womack-drifting-through-molasses seduction of "People Keep Comin' Around" and "Sweet Release," that if the Tindersticks have shifted position at all in the last 10 years, they have begun a slow, elegant sidle toward the spot marked "England's greatest soul band."

Tindersticks - Can Our Love