Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure

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Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure

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Genre alternative Rock | 1 cd | mp3 192 Kb | incl Covers | 60 MB

Track listing
1. Can We Start Again?
2. If You're Looking for a Way Out
3. Pretty Words
4. From the Inside
5. If She's Torn
6. Before You Close Your Eyes
7. (You Take) This Heart of Mine
8. I Know That Loving
9. CF GF

The Tindersticks' formula is unique and deceptively simple: combine Stuart Staples's heart-on-sleeve, Leonard Cohen-on-Quaaludes vocals, a rainy-day orchestral lushness, a small dose of R&B swagger, and a whole heap of sexual angst. Simple Pleasures doesn't depart from that potent concoction at all, adding to the overall greatness of their oeuvre. Think of their albums as lovely seashells: they are all recognizably the same thing, but the particular shell you hold in your hand is singular and beautiful.

Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure