Trevor Rabin - 90124

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[b/]Trevor Rabin - 90124 | 2003 | Genre: Rock/Progressive
MP3 | VBR 160 Kbps | 53:00 | RAR | RS

Immediately prior to joining Yes for their come back album, 1983's massive selling 90125, Trevor Rabin had been recording songs for his next solo album which remained unreleased until now as many of them formed the basis for the Yes album.

Now, for the first time we can hear Trevor's original versions of several songs that appeared on 90125 including Owner Of A Lonely Heart and Changes.

Also included are some fine songs which were not used by Yes, such as One Track Mind and Moving In. These are firmly in the hard rock category, with Trevor's distinctive voice and exceptional guitar skills to the fore.

90124 is a fascinating compliment to 90125 showing how Yes developed the songs and also demonstrating how much his presence influenced the band's sound. It will appeal to fans of Yes as well as fans of Trevor's music.

1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
2. Changes
3. One Track Mind
4. Moving In
5. Where will you be?
6. Owner of A Lonely Heart
7. Walls
8. Promenade
9. Love will find a way
10. Miracle Of Life
11. Cinema