Artists United for Africa - In The Name of Love (Tribute U2)

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Artists United for Africa - In The Name of Love (Tribute U2)

In the Name of Love - Tribute to U2
MP3 128 Kbps only | January 27, 2004 | Label: Sparrow / Emd |


13 well known Christian bands performing covers of U2 songs with a portion of the proceeds going to help the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Some of the renditions here are wonderful. Pillar bring new bite and passion to “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”, Nichole Nordeman offers a billowingly haunting version of “Grace”, Delirious? demonstrate again to U2 with a convincing version of “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” and Audio Adrenaline show they’ve lost none of their bombastic resonance on “Gloria”. Occasionally, the versions work less well. Jars Of Clay don’t sound like the band we know and love on “All I Want Is You” while no one would suggest Todd Agnew’s version of “When Love Comes To Town” comes close to the original. But with some refreshingly inventive takes on the U2 cannon, Grits’ version of “With You Or Without You” and Toby Mac’s take on “Mysterious Ways”, the unprejudiced listener can’t fail to be impressed with the quality of most of the covers

Christian Contemporary band pay tribute to U2.
To me, Sunday, Bloody Sunday best cover version done by Sublime but Pillar do a good job.

1. Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Pillar
2. Beautiful Day - Sanctus Real
3. 40 - Starfield
4. Love Is Blindness - Sixpence None The Richer
5. Gloria - Audio Adrenaline
6. Grace - Nichole Nordeman
7. All I Want Is You - Jars Of Clay
8. Mysterious Ways - TobyMac
9. Pride (In The Name of Love) - Tree63
10. One - TAIT
11. With or Without You - Grits (featuring Jadyn)
12. When Love Comes to Town - Todd Agnew
13. Where the Streets Have No Name - Chris Tomlin

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